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To who this my concern Edward John was my agent will recommend him as a 10 ,  he walk me through my policy give good advice , thank him so much, I really appreciate him and talking to him.

‪He was on point with everything, God bless you Edward John I’m going spread  the good word about you and if Any one need Insurance I’ll give them your number.,

Msg from Debra


Edward I really can’t thank you enough for all your help. I feel so blessed you crossed my path when I most needed you.

I’m a 63 yr old women with recent health issues. I was worried and stressing out because my term life insurance policy was ending, I didn’t think I would be able to get life insurance  coverage.

I asked for quotes from many different companies, some wanted me to apply quickly with low coverage and high rates.


I’m a believer in Angels on earth and that is exactly what Edward was/has been for me.

Edward helped me, walked me through converting my term policy to a whole life policy.  I could never have done this without his help. Edward was truly my Angel on earth.



Thank you so much!!! Received policy yesterday!!! ……Thank you for caring about people. That is an excellent trait to pass on. God sees all that you do and blesses you for it. What a legacy!!!!”



I am more than thankful that I got to talk with you. Your conversation was very touching and made me think some people do care even if you don’t know them on a personal note. I will always be thankful for your help.

Thank you forever



Thanks so much for all your help. You made it easy!



Thank you for your support and guidance. Godspeed.




Thank you for your help!



You were also a pleasure to work with…thank you.



Hi Edward, thanks for all of the time that you took searching for insurance for me. I very much appreciate your effort.



Hi Edward,

Thanks for all for your help and patience with this…….

I will be sure to refer you – you’re right, this was easy, ……

Take care, you’ll be hearing from me or my friends –




Dear Ed:

It such a pleasure to deal with someone who cares about their clients such much! …..



Thank you very much for making things easy for me I love talking to you you’re very nice I’m very informative thank you for getting me the policy I know I made you work hard and I will keep in contact with you have a great day



Awesome, thank you so much!



Thank you Edward. It was a pleasure talking to you. I will definitely recommend you to my friends should an insurance need arise



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